“When a person experiences great joy, he cannot keep it to himself. He has to express it, to pass it on. But what happens when a person is touched by the light of the resurrection and thus comes into contact with Life itself, with Truth and Love? He cannot merely speak about it. Speech is no longer adequate. He has to sing.” –Pope Benedict XVI

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” –St. Augustine

Commentary: King Forever

We are so excited to release King Forever an original song on our upcoming CD! It is streaming now at ReverbNation. I wrote this song during a rough season when I questioned where God was and why he was allowing certain things to happen. In the midst of this, I came across the passage in the Gospel of Matthew where the Apostles are in a boat that is being overwhelmed by a storm, and all the while Jesus sleeps.

The Restless at OLGC in Vienna, VA

Join us for a set of original and cover music! We have a few new songs we'll be playing for the first time, and will be doing a live recording of a song for our upcoming CD.

When: Saturday, April 11th at 7pm
Where: Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church, Vienna, VA - 8601 Wolftrap Rd, Vienna, Virginia 22182

Learn more on Facebook - we hope to see you there!

King Forever

© 2012 Stephen Ng

Verse 1
All around, waves crashing down
While our God sleeps, don’t You care if we drown
But then he calms the storm with his Name
Why do we doubt, such little faith

Whom shall we fear, our God is here.
Whom shall we fear, our God is here.